✤ How do I book an appointment?
Each tattoo artist make their own boookings separately.
You can go to our Homepage to check our tattoo artists and future guest artists visiting our studio. Contact them directly to book a spot. Try to describe your idea with reference image, size in cm and placement.

✤ What is the minimum age to get a tattoo?
We only tattoo people who are 18 years old or older. Even with parents’ approval.

✤ How to prepare for a tattoo appointment?
Make sure you eat properly before your appointment; you can take some snacks if you want.
Have a good night’s sleep and don’t drink alcohol for at least 24 hours before getting your tattoo. Also, no drugs! Keep reading good tips on this post.

Can I bring a company to my appointment?
You should come alone to your tattoo session, unless it’s matching tattoos or if you have previously booked a time for two or more people.
If you really need someone to accompany you, please bring maximum one person and let us know in advance.

✤ Can I bring a baby or children to the studio?
It’s not recommended to bring babies or children to a tattoo studio as they can not be in the tattoo area nor stay unattended in the reception.
Please, keep in mind that our reception is open to the tattoo area and the tattoo studio environment is not safe for kids. Also, our reception does not have enough space for a baby stroller.

Can I bring pets to the studio?
Unfortunately, bringing pets to our tattoo studio is not allowed as we need to follow the Swedish Health Authority guidelines to avoid risks of infection. The tattoo studio environment is not safe for pets either : )
We can make exceptions for Service Dogs, but we kindly ask you to let us know in advance, so we can prepare the studio in case we have clients or artists with allergies.


✤ How much is a tattoo?
The starting price at our studio is 1500kr. From there, it depends on the details, size and placement. The artist can give you the exact price after the design is ready and after you choose final size and placement at the studio, during your appointment.
Check our Price List for more details.

✤ Which are the payment methods?
The payment methods might differ between the artists and the service should be paid to each artist directly.
Our resident artists usually take Swish, Card or Cash payments.
Our guest artists will accept mostly Cash, but they usually have an online alternative such as Bank Transfer or Paypal. Please, make sure to confirm with them so you come prepared to the studio : ) 

✤ Should I pay a deposit?
Depending on your artist’s booking policy they might charge a deposit fee to reserve the booking spot. In that case, the deposit is paid directly to the artist.

DISCLAIMER: The studio will never contact you asking for deposits or payments. Payments are done directly to each tattoo artist, not in the name of the studio. If that happens, do not pay any amount before you have checked with your tattoo artist.


✤ What is the size of the tattoo I can make in a drop-in?
The drop-in is for small tattoos only. Simple designs around max 5cm, or a bit bigger if it’s not so detailed. The whole tattoo process should take less than one hour.
You can email your ideas to check if they are okay for a drop-in: hello@beehive.tattoo

✤ Can I make more than one tattoo in a drop-in?
Yes, if they are small, simple (not so detailed) and take less than one hour to make them all.
You can email your ideas to check if they are okay for a drop-in: hello@beehive.tattoo

✤ What are the prices of the drop-in?
It’s the same price as a regular appointment. As the drop-in is for small tattoos only, it usually costs around 1500-3500kr. The final price depends on the design, size in cm and placement.
Check this Price List with more details.

✤ Is it difficult to get a spot?
Each drop-in day is different and it’s hard to say how it goes. That’s why we recommend clients to get to the studio as early as the drop-in starts to get a good spot in the queue : )

NOTE: Even after we close the drop-in line, usually at 15:00, we try to keep tattooing a bit longer to be able to tattoo everybody that got in the queue.
If you are in the queue, we’ll inform you of how everything will be ^^


✤ When should I cancel my tattoo appointment?
full 24 hours notice is required for cancelling appointments. Any appointment missed, late cancelled, or changed without 24 hour notice will result in a charge equal to the tattoo starting price, 1500kr.

Note: If a cancellation is due to circumstances beyond any of our control, such as power outage, unfortunate incident, or weather that requires you or us to have to cancel or be closed during business hours, we will reschedule your existing appointment and no discount or charges will apply.

→ Read the full Bookings Policy.

✤ How do I cancel or reschedule my tattoo appointment?
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, write an email to your tattoo artist or to hello@beehive.tattoo.


✤ How do I take care of my tattoo?
After your appointment, your artist will explain how to take care of your tattoo.
You can also check our aftercare instructions to know what you’re expected to do while your tattoo heals.

✤ Should I retouch my tattoo?
Not all tattoos need to be retouched. If, after 5-6 weeks, you feel like you want to get some touch ups in your tattoo, let your artist know. You can also send a clear picture of the healed tattoo.

✤ How much does the retouch cost?
The first retouch is usually free of charge. You should notice that your tattoo needs retouch as soon as it heals, around one or two months, and that’s when you should contact your tattoo artist.
Read more: Touch-up


If you go by subway, drop off at Rådhuset station (blue line) and follow the exit “Kungsholmsgatan“.

It is also about 15 minutes walking distance from T-Centralen.

drop-in Queue

✤ If you received an email with your queue number, you’re in the line for the drop-in. We’ll contact you when it’s your turn to come back, keep an eye on your email ; )

✤ Please wait for our contact before coming to the studio, even if your number is the next one.

✤ Keep in mind that the session for each tattoo is different, so please reserve some time to your session as we can’t predict how long is the waiting. 
The drop-in line closes at 15:00 but we usually keep tattooing a bit longer than that to be able to tattoo everybody ^^

NOTE: If you need to leave the queue, please let us know in advance so we can move up to the next person.

Thank you!

Drop-in Guidelines

Please, read carefully:

✤ We take drop-ins for small tattoos only on the days and time announced  (simple design up to around 5 cm) ;

✤ Keep in mind that drop-ins have limited spots for those who arrive first;

✤ When you get to the studio, show us your tattoo idea and leave your contact information.

NOTE: The tattoo artist will talk to you during the session and draw your tattoo, but we ask you to come with the idea and placement already decided for the drop-in.

✤ Then, we‘ll send an email with your number in the queue and you’ll be able to follow how the queue is going on our website;

✤ When it’s your time to come we’ll contact you;

✤ While waiting for your turn, take a nice walk or have a coffee nearby : )

✤ Come alone.

✤ We have a no-children and no-pets policy at the studio.

✤ Sanitise your hands when you arrive.

✤ Stay home if you are feeling sick.

✤ Start price: 1500kr.